• Yoga the practice of quieting the mind.
  • Yoga the poetry of movements.
  • Yoga the addition of energy and beauty of body.
  • spritiuality is gods call in ur soul.



The only way to lead a happy and healthy life is through a permanent solution which is Yoga,Meditation ,Alternative healing systems such as Energy healing(pranic healing,reiki and color therapy) and food suppliments including the essential vitamins. Such a wholistic or holistic approach to stabilise the mental and physical condition of human body maintains the permanent health.All these things deals in our esteemed concern "ART OF WELLNESS AND SCHOOL OF YOGA".


Art of wellness and school of yoga is affiliated to yoga alliance international. We are offering variety of classes like TTC(Teachers training courses) and Hatha yoga master course. TTC include 200 hr, 300 hr and master yoga course 500 hr. Students can choose between the courses they prefer.

Classes are carried out by Dr. George vakayil itself. We have two training centres located in chowara.

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Another centre between pulingudi and azhimala junction.

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Further details about courses are available in yoga alliance website , link is available below

Yogalliance : yogaalliance.in/?page_id=2428

Certificates for our TTC students will have the following information:
- Name of student
- Type of course (200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour,etc, HATHA YOGA,etc)
- Duration of course ( for instance: Oct 1 - 30th, 2013)
- photo of your student (to be scanned and sent by email)

The Certificate will have the name of our school and will have 3 signatures: two (from YAI) and myself(Dr.George vakayil) as Director of the school

Please note that Certificates are issued by YAI, and we have no connection with Yoga Alliance of the USA.
Teachers who have obtained YAI certification are working around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa & America

Certificate Modal

Certificate Certificate

Our Teachers


Speciality R.M.P
(Registered Medical Practitioner in Anternative medical system)(ie,Yoga,Reiki and pranic healing.
Pranic healing,
Diploma holder Registered alternative medical practitioner,
graduate in chemistry,
diploma holder in pranic healing system,
master of simplified kundalini yoga(Brahma ghanam),
TTC holder in hadayoga,
Aquipressure reflexology,
Feng Shui master,
Crystal healing therapist,
Magnified healer,
Winner in state and national level yoga competition,
Nature cure therapy,
Pranic psychotherapist,
Advance master in alpha mind power meditation,
Ayurvedic massage and Panchakarama therapist,
Yoga and Reiki trainer in russia,
Member in international Toast master's club and the Winners club.
Experience 30 years of Experience
Degrees Bsc (chemistry)


Classes Art of wellness and school of yoga is affiliated to yoga alliance international. We are offering variety of classes like TTC(Teachers training courses) and Hatha yoga master course. TTC include 200 hr, 300 hr and master yoga course 500 hr. Students can choose between the courses they prefer. Classes are carried out by Dr. George vakayil itself. We have two training centres located in chowara.

Reiki(Universal vital energy)

'Rei' means universal . 'Ki' means life force energy .It is a holistic or wholistic healing system using the universal vital energy. We gets energy from earth,water,wind(air) and akash(sun). In this healng system we receive the energy from universe through the crown chakra(violet energy) and it is supplies to the patients body through the hand chakras. The japanese Master Mikavo Usui is the founder of this healing system .

Energy flow coming from above it flows through crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra and to its extensions to hands. Reiki acts on aura level, physical level, emotional level and is thus a holistic system that produces hormones. Hormones keep our body in good health and balance. Reiki is taken and not given. We are mere channels of energy and not healers. Every one heals himself or herself.

Attunement is an important factor in this traditional healing system. Our energy channels attunes by the grand master Usui and followed by continuing it by his lower grand masters . Channelising the energy to each chakras and make sure its continous flow to others body, when place our hands to others is known as initiation of energy or attunement.This is done by grand masters of reiki. Many of the chronic diseases like Asthma, Diabetics,Pressure,skin diseases etc. are cured by Reiki.

Pranic Healing

' Prana ' is the vigour we breath through air always. It is the same form of energy explained in "reiki" in which "Ki" , 'ruha' or Yin etc are different names of prana. "Prana" exists in earth , water, air ,sun and akash. "Panchaboodha is the source of energy . Refined form of this energy we use in the healing process is called "Pranic healing".

As the difference between reiki and pranic healing is, one is the touch method of healing and other is non touch healing .Both the healings have its own benefits. Clensing of the aura we have to do seperately in pranic healing while in reiki it happened automatically by placing the hands on patients body. In pranic healing we needs much concentration than reiki.

The founder of pranic healing is an engineer namely Choa-Kok-Sui born in philippines. Actually this kind of energy description has been found in old budha books. This master had made it in a desciplined method of healing process. Just like reiki this form of healing is also used as cure of any chronic diseases. Color therapy, Crystal therapy, Pranic psycho therapy etc. are advanced stage of pranic healing.

Chakra Meditation

Chakras are centeres of spiritual energy that are located in the ashtral body. Ashtral body is the energy body or light body or plasmic body surrounded to our physical body. Chakras have corresponding centers in the physical body.There are seven chakras in our energy body which are Mooladhara chakra(Basic chakra), Swadishtana chakra(Sex chakra), Manipura chakra(Naval chakra), Anahata chakra(heart chakra), Vishudhi chakra(Throat chakra), Anja chakra(Third eye chakra) and Sahsrara chakra(Crown chakra)

Every chakras have its own diety, element ,symbol, colour and its beja mantra. During meditation after taking deep breath we chant the respective mantra of each chakra.The repetition of each mantra creates more energy.


The Astanga yoga, Hata yoga,Kundalini yoga whatever it be was found by Patanjali Maharshi before thousands of years back. We enable the people to explore the hidden enjoyment,peace and health embodied in our own physical body which lead to a permanent happy life.


"Feng-Shui" is a science of chinese vaasthu kala just like Indian Vaasthu shasthram. Vaasthu shaastram make mistakes when we construct buildings or houses there is no particular remedy without dismantling it.But in chinese vaasthu we have remedies with out dismantling the constructions. In houses or work places we have to arrange the things in a way through which positive energy can flow fluently through every nook and corner of the house,office or building will be provided more and more power, health,and wealth in abundance. There are some other objects also to maintain positive energy always in our atmosphere which are Laughing budha, Wind chime,Good luck plants etc

Meditation (Alpha mind power)

The world health organisation(W.H.O) says that the healthy body means not only the state of disease free body but it is depend upon a man's mental, physical,social,economical and spiritual well being . The modern medical science says that 99.9% diseases based upon the mental imbalance of the human body. So we have to attain a mental health, the owner of a healthy body.

The mind is always wandering about 14 to 22 cycles/seconds of thought vibrations in beta state or conscious state. In alpha state or sub conscious state it reduces 7 to 14 cycles /second . In theta state(unconscious state) it reduces 4 to 7 cycles/second. Below this (0 to 4) goes to comma state or delta state. So in alpha state or sub conscious state , mind attains every possible dreams into reality. Health,happiness wealth whatever it be it is attained through the continous effort of alpha mind meditation. It activates the power of right brain,the embodiment of abundant wealth in our body.

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